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Submission of Service Request


  1. By submitting your service request, you indicate that upon acceptance of an estimated quote from a Video Production Agency (VPA) staff member, you are contracting the Video Production Agency to carry out the production of the videos requested  and are willing to pay service fees in accordance with the Video Production Agency's rates. Orders cancelled after this authorization are subject to the costs of the service.  

  2. A Video Production Agency staff member will contact you by email as soon as the request is reviewed to discuss the specifics of the requests, the estimated quote and confirm the service contracted.

  3. VPA will announce the final service cost once all the components of the service requested have been completed to take into account varying post-production time.

  4. In the case of a short notice request, if VPA agrees to fulfill the request, you are subject to a 50% surcharge of the total filming cost. A request submitted within 72 hours of event time is considered short notice. Post-production cost is determined separately and is based on the length and nature of the event and final video.  

  5. Post-production includes the editing of original raw footage and footage delivery. If you choose not to have the original footage edited, you are still subject to the first hour of post-production cost.



  1. Most payments are processed through the University's financial system (using fund chartstring code), unless indicated otherwise in the confirmation email.

  2. Clients are required to process all payments in a timely manner upon receipt of payment request.  



  1. The Video Production Agency is responsible for delivering the completed video products to the client within 2 weeks of the last event date, for which the service was requested, unless otherwise noted in the confirmation email.

  2. Should the deadline requested for the delivery of a product appear unreasonable, VPA reserves the right to inform the client that the video cannot be created in the specified amount of time.


Refund/Return Policy

  1. The service costs are entitled to be refunded or partly discounted based on complaint. If a DVD is damaged during delivery, a replacement will be sent free of charge.

  2. Should a product not meet with the client’s approval, VPA will try its best to rectify the product based on the client’s suggestions. Refunds are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by VPA’s Executive Director.

  3. In case of technical issues during video production that leads to irrecoverable loss or damage of video footage, VPA’s Executive Director would re-negotiate the estimated service cost with the client to account for the footage loss or damage.



  1. Once the client has paid the full quoted price for a project, the videos in its delivered format (and in that format only) becomes the intellectual property of the client. If the client fails to pay the full amount upon receiving the final product, the video remains the intellectual copyright and property of the Video Production Agency.

  2. At all times, the raw video footage remain the property of the Video Production Agency to be used for the purposes of publicity, social networking, and self or group promotional purposes.


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